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    We are very excited about these new shallow pots!
          They are amazing for any plant that needs a pot that is wide but shallow.
    • Great for rhizomatous plants. Many kinds of Orchids, Begonias, Gesneriads and many more will love these sturdy pots. They are what I always wished bulb pans were like. We also really like them for some carnivorous plants like Pinguicula.
    • Clear pots allow you to see if there is still moisture in the bottom of the pot, letting you know when to water or hold off.
    • You can also see if your potting medium is breaking down and building up as sludge at the bottom of the pot where it will foul the drainage holes and can cause your root rot.
    • Very thick plastic
    • UV resistant
    • Great drainage

    Available sizes: 

                             5" X 2.5"

                             6.25" X 3"

                             7.75" X 3.25" 

    Usage tip: Use Physan 20 at 2 teaspoons per gallon of water occasionally to kill any algae that may grow inside the clear pots, If you use beneficial bacterial and/ or mycorrhizae be sure to reinoculate a few days later.

     **Please use the very small drop down arrow to the right of the pot sizes below to select the pot and pack size you would like to add to your cart**