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Our Story

Flori-Culture Orchid and Specialty Growing Supply serves the professional and hobbyist specialty growing community. We stock habitat supplies for Orchids, Carnivorous Plants, Bromeliads, Tillandsias (air plants), Begonias, Succulents, Tropicals, and more. We've been growing orchids and such for over 20 years and use our experience to seek out the best. 

In 2014, an opportunity arose for us to purchase Calwest Tropical Supply, an established west coast online orchid and tropical growing supply company. We moved it up to Sacramento, CA, and now we've changed our name to Flori-Culture Orchid and Specialty Growing Supply.  Our new name reflects our commitment that the culture of growing flowers and ornamental plants has great importance in our daily life and deserves the best that we can provide.

If you're in the Sacramento area, we have also created a misty jungle nursery of beautiful and unusual plants for your enjoyment, purchase, and inspiration. 


We welcome all who love growing ornamental plants!