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This pumice is very carefully screened to ensure it has incredibly consistent particle size and is nearly free of fines/dust. By far the best we have ever used.

Available in: Fine (1/8"),

Available in 3 quantities: 1/8 cf, 1/4 cf, 30 Pound bags.


General Information about pumice:

Pumice is a porous volcanic rock with a neutral pH level and is comprised of highly vesicular strands permeated with tiny air bubbles. The tiny pores on the surface of the pumice act as microscopic reservoirs to absorb and store nutrient-rich moisture and minerals. 

Pumice is a 100% NATURAL growing media that provides an ideal balance of moisture retention, gas exchange, and draining capabilities. Using our pumice as a growing media can immensely improve the quality and grow-ability of soils; it acts as an aeration system, retains moisture, and supplies and holds nutrients in the root zone. It is especially beneficial for succulents and cacti, and other varieties of water sensitive horticulture.

Although pumice may appear bone dry, compared to composted pine bark—a major component of bagged potting soils—it retains moisture up to 48 hours (in cool weather). Bark holds moisture about half as long.

It releases moisture slowly, and at a steady rate.

Tiny pores on the surface act as microscopic reservoirs to store moisture and nutrients.

It helps to aerate the soil. (Plant roots need oxygen.)

Depending on the mine it comes from, pumice may enrich soil with 70 or more beneficial trace minerals.

It doesn’t decompose, rot or blow away.