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General control of plant pathogens on inanimate hard surfaces. For non-porous surfaces, orchids, fountains, ornamentals. Algaecide, Fungicide, Bactericide, Virucide.

Experienced growers know Physan 20 is an effective control of fungi, algae, bacteria and viruses. Use it as a general disinfectant for cleaning tools, benches, planter trays, contaminated pots and soil. Excellent for controlling bacteria and fungi on seeds, seedlings, cuttings and ornamental plants.

Physan 20 can also be used to control algae in greenhouses, decorative ponds (TOXIC TO FISH!) and birdbaths. Or use it to treat a variety of diseases affecting lawns, turf and grass, including fairy ring, dollar spot and toadstools. NOT intended for use on food crops. Most applications require less than 2 Tbsp per gallon of water. Biodegradable.

• Work areas, benches, pots, flats and flower buckets
• Disinfection of cutting tools
• Greenhouse glass algae
• Fungus and odors
• Algae control – Warning: Toxic to Fish!
• Seeds, seedlings, cut flowers
• Damping off
• Bacterial stem plugging of cut flowers
• Downy mildew
• Adult ornamental plants

Available in 16 oz