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Our Perlite is the best we could find. It's been carefully screened to minimize dust and to give a consistent size particle.

Perlite absorbs and retains air and moisture, improves aeration and drainage, and is stable and long lasting. 

Perlite is a naturally occurring, non-toxic neutral volcanic rock that has been heated to a high temperature to produce a lightweight, micro-porous material with a high surface area. It is ideal for use when sowing seeds, rooting cuttings, potting on and container growing to improve aeration, moisture retention and drainage. 

Available in 4 sizes: 1/8 cf, 1/4 cf, 1 cf, & 4 cf

3 grades: #2 (Fine), #3 (Medium), #4 (Coarse)

 ** User Tip - Dampen the perlite before use to avoid dust. (Please avoid breathing perlite dust as it is irritating to our lungs)

 Note** Packaging of 4 cf bags may be different from that pictured if it is changed by the manufacturer or one source becomes unavailable but the perlite itself will not be different