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Flori-Culture Premium Aroid & Hoya Mix

Two more of our own tried and true blends for all your Aroid & Hoya potting needs. 

We blend long lasting Kiwi Bark from New Zealand with Charcoal, Pumice, Tree fern fiber, Lava rock, and High quality soil to achieve a fast draining and airy mix, with a good amount of moisture retention. 

It is available in two formulas:

Indoor Formula:

The Indoor Formula has more soil for longer moisture retention and less frequent watering. This is also a great mix for nearly all terrestrial tropical plants grown in the house. This is the mix we use for not only Hoyas and Aroids but many others like, just to name a few; Calathea, Caladium, (Davallia) Rabbit’s foot ferns, Schlumbergera, Aeschynanthus, Peperomia, Bromeliads, Begonias, and many others.

Greenhouse Formula:

If you grow in a greenhouse with automatic watering or you want to be able to water more often without fear of rotting roots than the Greenhouse mix is the one for you. This is also best for outdoor growing in wetter areas like those of you in Florida, Hawaii, or other humid places with frequent rain and ample moisture in the air. It is also recommended for those growers with a tendency to over water. There is only a smidge of soil in this mix so please It dries out quickly, please water accordingly. 

Available in 3 sizes: 1/8 cf, 1/4 cf, and 1 cf 

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