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100% of your donation is passed on to the Orchid Conservation Alliance

Saving Orchids in the Wild

As orchid lovers, members of the OCA work to preserve orchids and orchid habitats. We create protected reserves where wild orchids can continue to live and blossom in the rain and sunshine. A side benefit is that everything else that lives in the reserve is protected too.

The Orchid Conservation Alliance, founded in 2006, promotes the conservation of orchids and orchid habitat around the world. Currently we have reserves in Brazil, Ecuador, and Colombia, however, we are open to orchid conservation anywhere. Preservation of natural orchid habitat preserves the orchids, their pollinators, their genetic diversity, and other fauna, as well as the birds, frogs, insects, reptiles, and mammals in the forests where they live.

Why the OCA is an Alliance

It is important to have a broad base of supporters come together, to form an Alliance, to protect orchids. Here’s why: Together we can do much more than any one member alone, and together, the alliance will survive the departure of any one member. So far, 548 individuals and 35 orchid societies have joined the OCA.