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Net Cups allow roots to grow through the mesh for better breathing and growth. Plants love net cups as they thrive on good air circulation in the root zone. Can be used with an orchid mix or sphagnum moss.

Available in five sizes -  2", 3", 3.75", 5" & 6"

Single or 10pks

User Tip: To make a "mini greenhouse" for the roots, you can fit them inside a slightly bigger one of our Clear Plastic Pots with a tiny bit of moss underneath them . This is great when growing indoors with heat or air conditioning, or in dry areas where keeping the humidity up is particularly difficult. Try this for plants that show "Accordion Leaf", a sign of inadequate humidity.

User Tip:** We do not recommend these Plastic Net Pots for thick rooted orchids like Phalaenopsis or Cattleya as the roots tend to grow through the holes and then swell up and lock themselves in. When you go to repot, you have to rip the plants apart to free it. Try our Round Plastic Baskets instead as the holes are much larger.