Flori-Culture Premium Orchiata Mix

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Our own tried and true blends for all your orchid potting needs.

We blend long lasting Orchiata bark from New Zealand with Charcoal, Perlite, and Expanded Clay Pebbles to achieve a fast draining mix, with a good amount of moisture retention. 

  • The finer the grade of the mix, the more moisture will be retained and the longer it will take to dry out. 
  • In general, choose finer mix for finer rooted plants and larger for those with very thick roots. 

Available in 3 grades: Fine, Medium, and Coarse (Classic #9, Power+ #5A, and Super #7 for those familiar with Orchiata size names and numbers) 

Available in 3 sizes: 1/8 cf, 1/4 cf, and 1 cf 

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