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Plant Warrior growing containers provide added oxygen to the root zone. Their unique design allows oxygen to be drawn through the bottom of the container promoting healthy, strong roots. The cone inside the pot gets air up into the center of the roots to help avoid the "ring of life" where the center of your plant dies from lack of air. Promotes vigorous root growth while using less soil.

Feet and slots on the bottom of these pots stop capillary action from wicking water up from under the pot and keeping the mix wet all of the time. This is extra important if your plants sit on the ground or a flat table or other flat surface. 

 Sturdy injection molded containers. Reusable and easy to clean.

User Tips:These pots are the absolute best for Cymbidium orchids or any that have thick fleshy roots that end up filling the pot until they suffocate themselves. Zygopetalums love 'em too.

Available in 3 gallon