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Clear Mesh Pots combine all of the great qualities of our plastic net cups and our clear plastic pots in one.  Air circulation, superior drainage, and lets the light shine through to the roots,

These are great for plants with medium to smaller diameter roots and seedlings of all types. A word of caution about using these with plants that have very thick aerial roots, such as Phalaenopsis and larger Vandas, as the roots can grow through the mesh and then expand, locking themselves in and making re-potting more difficult. A better choice for those would be a solid sided clear pot or one of our round or octagonal plastic baskets, or wood baskets.

Usage Tips- 112 of the 1 1/2" mesh pots will fit in our PT112 Plant Tray/ Bench Top. That keeps the little guys from getting blown away when you water!

- 15 of the 3" mesh pots fit in our PT15 Plant Tray