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Wire Baskets - Round - Shallow

- Made of heavy duty, galvanized wire for long life even in tropical conditions.

- Open design for lots of air and drainage.

We've had many requests for a shallow, larger, basket for plants that need a wide basket but not so much depth, so we had these baskets made for us and we love them!

Particularly well suited for plants such as Stanhopea and Dracula, as they have inflorescence that grow downwards through the bottom of the basket and can easily get caught up in deeper baskets that are full of potting mix or thick liners. 

Our Shallow Round Wire Baskets are also great for genera that can look out of proportion in deeper baskets like Bulbophyllum, as they tend to be relatively short but will grow into wide, full specimen plants if they're given the room to stretch out and grow.

Available in 6 Sizes - 4", 6", 8", 10", 12",  & 14"

Quantities - Single or 10 pk

Usage tip: Line the basket with a thin layer of our Long Fiber Coco Hair, and fill with your favorite growing medium. Keeps mix in and lets inflorescence out.

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