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Kiwi Bark

Kiwi Bark is made from Pinus Radiata bark from New Zealand. It is a wonderful, long lasting orchid growing medium. Kiwi Bark exhibits little to no appreciable decay, even after 3-4 years.

All bark imported into the USA must, by law, be fumigated with Methyl bromide or heat treated. These important regulations are to assure that no unwanted organisms are introduced. Kiwi Orchid Bark is compliant with these regulations and as a result it is free of pathogens and weed seeds.

Kiwi Bark comes in:

Fine grade: 3mm to 8mm. It is great for seedlings, miniatures, and those who prefer their growing medium to hold more water and dry slower than larger size chips.

Medium grade: 8mm to 20mm. It is a great all purpose size suitable for use with most genera of orchids.

Coarse grade: 20mm to 25mm. It is great for very large orchids or plants that growers wish to drain and dry very quickly.

Available in 1/4 cf or 2 cf bags

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