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Grape Wood

Grape Wood is the dried vines of wine grapes that have been sand blasted to give them a look similar to driftwood. The texture is great for roots to attach to. It looks similar to driftwood but has not been saturated with salt, which can damage plants. 

Grape Wood is very interestingly shaped and often used as "branches" on which to grow epiphytic plants, in reptile habitats or bird cages, and even by themselves as decoration. We have also tried it in fish tanks with great success. It darkens from it's original light color but does not foul the water with tannins, nor endanger the fish. We have had it submerged in a tank for multiple years with great success.

It is a softer wood and will not last as long in very wet conditions as our Coastal or Desert Manzanita, Cork, or Tree Fern Fiber.

For more information about potting/mounting your orchids, please visit our Resources Link where you will find simple tutorials to help you decide what works well for your growing conditions, ie; climate/humidity, watering routine, which orchid you're growing, etc. 

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