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Manzanita Wood - Desert

Desert Manzanita Wood has been sand blasted to give it a look similar to driftwood. The texture is great for roots to attach to. It looks similar to driftwood but has not been saturated with salt, which can damage plants. 

Desert Manzanita is absolutely beautiful. It grows into very interesting shapes filled with different patterns and colors of grain and often used as "branches" on which to grow epiphytic plants, in reptile habitats or bird cages, and even by themselves as decoration or to display jewelry.

It is also used in fish tanks, though it should be soaked and rinsed several times in fresh water prior to introduction to your tank so it will sink and to leach out any tannins. In general coastal manzanita is free of tannins and should not darken the water, but better safe than sorry!

It is an extremely hard, strong wood that is very resistant to decay. This makes it suitable both for use in much wetter conditions than the Grape wood or Cholla Wood and can be used in reptile and bird habitats with larger, heavier animals. It can withstand a long time in very tropical, wet environments without rotting or softening.

See the drop down menu below for prices and available sizes. The 7"-11" size is also available pre-hung with metal loop and S-hook.

Please feel free to contact us if you need to special order a larger size than is listed here.

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