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Current topics:

1. General Orchid Culture

Having grown orchids for 25 years in the hot, sunny, and humid gulf coast of Southern Florida, the cool, dark, and wet Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, and currently, the hot, dry, sunny, Mediterranean climate of the Central Valley in California, I have first hand experience growing in a wide range of different conditions. I have grown them indoors, outdoors, under lights, in shade structures, and greenhouses ranging from tiny shed like things to fully automated commercial sized hoop houses. We will look at the needs of orchids and how to grow them successfully in a variety of situations. I will introduce and discuss a wide range of growing supplies and when, why, and how to use them. My presentation will include, but not be limited to,  Light, Water, Potting, Potting media, Containers,

2. How to ask the right questions to be your own orchid expert. (Vetting the information overload of the internet age)