How to save on shipping

Saving on shipping costs 

Before you abandon your cart due to shipping cost please read below:

If you think that the shipping quote you receive from our website seems high, then please contact us either by email at or by phone @ 916-333-4885 and we will pack your order and see if we can pack it better.

Shipping on most small to medium orders sent by UPS ground to anywhere in the contiguous states is usually between $12 to $40.

Shipping cost depends on how the particular items you have chosen fit together and the overall package weight. If you have not ordered something large or heavy and you get a shipping quote over $40, please contact us and we'll pack it up for a quote & see if we can do it better. 

Websites and shipping calculations:

During the checkout process, the website must figure out how to pack all of the items you have selected into the smallest possible box from all of the shapes and sizes of boxes that we have. 

The website is not always able to "pack" your items in the most efficient way to calculate shipping costs accurately. Many of our products, such as plastic pots or trays stack inside each other, or small items can be put inside larger items.

To try to help with accuracy, we offer many of the stackable items like pots and carry trays in various pack sizes for a standard size. This produces a much more accurate estimate, but does not always eliminate the limitations of the technology.

To get the lowest shipping quote with an online order, please select stack-able items in the quantity packs whenever possible.