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Dynamite Plant Food

Dynamite is the retail name for Nutricote time release fertilizer.

Dynamite Plant Food® offers home gardeners a fool-proof, easy and Earth-friendly way to keep your plants beautiful. Our line of premium plant foods gives your plants nourishment they need to grow stronger, produce more blooms and fight off diseases. 

More than Just Plant Food 
Most gardens and plant containers are missing the nutrients needed to grow big and beautiful plants. That's why it's important for gardeners to add Dynamite Plant Food® to provide 'plant vitamins' that can last up to nine months. Most leading plant food brands are missing the micro-nutrients that make our formula unique. Every Dynamite Plant Food contains micro amounts of elements plants need like copper, molybdenum, zinc, magnesium, manganese, iron and more. 

Easy-To- Use 
Dynamite Plant Food®  is so easy-to-use that you’ll spend less time working in your garden and more time enjoying it.
The Dynamite controlled-release formula lasts up to 9 months so you only have to feed once per growing season. For new plants and transplants, sprinkle Dynamite into the hole near the roots and then backfill. For established plants, just sprinkle on top of the soil and gently work it in. Always water thoroughly. Each Dynamite product label provides an easy-to-follow chart that lists the suggested application amounts. It also lists the analysis of the formula including the Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium content and the micro-nutrient content. There is no risk of over-feeding with Dynamite. The coating process is so controlled that you will not burn your plants even if you accidentally overfeed. Dynamite works great on plants in the ground or in containers – indoors or out.

Dynamite Plant Food®  offers home gardeners a fool-proof, easy and Earth-friendly way to keep your plants beautiful. Our line of premium plant foods gives your plants nourishment to grow stronger, produce bigger blooms and greener leaves and fight off diseases. Explore our products and see which one is best for you.

The secret to the best looking plants with the least effort is in the Dynamite coating. This coating prevents “flashing” or quick release of nutrients during heavy rains thus protecting the environment.

All plants need food and the best time to feed them (fertilize) is when they are actively growing in the spring, summer and fall. But plants need two types of nutrition – macro and micro-nutrients. Most fertilizers contain the major nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but Dynamite Plant Food also contains micro-nutrients for complete plant vitality and vigor.

Think of the macro-nutrients (
N, P, K) as meat and potatoes. Then the micro-nutrients are like the vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals of a balanced plant meal. Plants need a balanced variety of nutrition to reach their full potential. Other brands are essentially giving your plants ‘fast food’ while Dynamite will feed them thoroughly for 9 months.

Each Dynamite Plant Food “prill” is wrapped in a special resin coating that ensures controlled and precise release of the nutrients inside. There is an agent that allows water to penetrate and then release the nutrient into the surrounding soil. The prills will not crack or break, which prevents excessive nutrient release and minimizes nutrient runoff into the ground water. The special coating ensures that the nutrients release evenly over the entire 9 month period.

Each Dynamite prill contains major nutrients nitrogen (N) , phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) plus micro-nutrients like iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, boron and molybdenum (as established by the respective product analysis).

​Suggested Application Rates:
Plant/Pot Size: 4-4.5″ • Amount: 1/2 TBS or 1/3 Capful
Plant/Pot Size: 6″- 1 Gal. • Amount: 1 1/3 TBS or 2/3 Capful
Broadcast Rate: 1 tablespoon per square foot

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